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Condition Assessments, Renovations & Upgrades

Parking Facility Maintenance, ADA, Restoration & Seismic Upgrades

Watry Design, Inc. has a complete suite of services designed to protect your parking investment. Proper care and maintenance of your parking structure can significantly improve the user experience, extend its life and reduce future retrofit and repair costs. Leveraging expertise gained by completing over a hundred projects of this type, our firm takes a wholistic approach by offering parking structure condition assessments, due diligence evaluations, maintenance planning, ADA upgrades, restoration, seismic upgrade design, structural analysis for change of use, repair design and construction administration. In addition, we offer services to assist you with adding photovoltics to your existing structure or updating your lighting to improve its efficiency. As with any of our projects, we take our client's problems and issues on as our own and team with you to find the best possible solution for their parking needs.

Condition Assessments

Whether you already have a parking structure maintenance plan or this is the first step to putting a plan in place, we tailor condition assessments to the best practices for the age and condition of your parking structure. Typically, we recommend visual assessments for newer structures and more extensive assessments for older structures or for those experiencing conditions such as leaks, spalling or excessive cracking. Structures experiencing issues benefit from materials testing to quantify issues such as moisture content and corrosion rates. The test results become the basis for determining repair options.

Maintenance & Capital Improvement Planning

In addition to establishing a detailed cleaning and regular maintenance plan with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual tasks, we recommend establishing a Capital Improvement Plan for your parking structure. This plan often begins with condition assessments every year starting when the structure is 5 years old. For example, the service life of sealers and sealants utilized in your structure can vary widely and are affected by environmental and traffic conditions. By having visual assessments conducted annually, issues can be spotted and dealt with early before requiring more extensive repairs. Depending on the age and condition of your facility, we will develop a schedule and budget for recommended measures based on best practices.

Structural Repair, ADA Upgrades & Seismic Upgrades

On these type of projects, the Watry Design team looks for innovative ways to extend the life span of parking structures. During our design process, we evaluate multiple design solutions to determine the best value approach by carefully considering cost analysis, constructability, schedule and phasing for each repair option. We rank the priority of the each necessary repair by A. Safety or Accelerated Decay, B. Highly Recommended to extend service life of building, and C. Cosmetic issues. The ranking provides a valuable tool for the prioritization of repairs. Our services include the full design of the repairs, as well as construction administration.