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Image for UC Irvine Parking Programming and Planning Studies

As the University of California, Irvine continues to expand and thrive, demand for parking on the main campus for faculty, staff and students is increasing. To address the growing demand, UCI selected Watry Design to assist them in evaluating the feasibility and phasing for the construction future parking structures.

The Watry Design team assisted the University in studying seven different sites across campus. As part of the study, the team assessed current and future campus parking demands, conducted detailed traffic analysis for the potential new garage sites, and provided recommendations on implementation of new parking garage development.

The Watry Design team worked closely with UCI stakeholders to explore how future development on the main campus will impact the long-term supply and demand for parking, and which sites offer the best opportunities for adding structured parking to satisfy that demand in a way that conserves precious land resources. Through weekly meetings, the team gathered initial preferences and input regarding each of the project sites, discussed options, and shared preliminary findings, site constraints, and site design concepts under evaluation.

For each of the seven study sites, the Watry Design team prepared concept studies to include traffic analysis, pedestrian and bike connectivity and conceptual parking garage plans, along with grading, drainage and landscape concepts to reflect campus design standards. Finally, a detailed cost estimate was prepared to help the university budget and prioritize each site independently.

Sites Studied

  • A1 (Lot 70, Bison Lot)
  • A2 (Lots 16 & 16H, Physical Sciences)
  • B (Lot 19A)
  • C (Lot 1)
  • D (Lot 5, Mesa Court)
  • E (Lot 7, future Student Success PS
  • F (future College of Health Sciences PS)

Project Details

  • Owner: University of California, Irvine
  • Project Status: Completed 2021