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Image for Santana Row Phase 2 Master Plan and Parking Studies

Watry Design assisted Federal Realty by providing parking analysis as a part of an extended Phase 2 development effort.

For Task I, we evaluated parking supply and demand for the "As Designed" Condition, the "As Built" Condition and the "Future Entitlement" Condition by using shared parking methodology and city zoning as a basis. This analysis was used to determine the extent of future development. Watry Design created a Phasing Proposal to sustain the required minimum parking for the project at any given time. This assurance was crucial in gathering support for all new construction from current retailers, which in turn enabled Federal to realize its full entitlement vision.

In Task II, we did a detailed evaluation of an addition to an existing parking structure to add new supply.

In Task III, we evaluated valet parking to help increase the amount of parking supply and provide customer convenience.

In Task IV, we conducted a detailed circulation analysis of the parking as it relates to the surrounding streets.

In Task V, we evaluated pedestrian circulation and its effect on vehicular circulation. We conducted pedestrian interviews and pedestrian counts at key access points to the site.

Project Details

  • Owner: Federal Realty Investment Trust