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Image for Metro L Line (Gold) Monrovia Station Parking Structure Photos by Tom Paiva

In 2013, the Metro Gold Line Extension Construction Authority awarded the Webcor Builders/Watry Design, Inc. team a design build contract for the intermodal parking facilities along the 11.5 mile extension from Pasadena to Azusa. In addition to facing an aggressive schedule, a tight budget and the inherent challenges of designing four parking structures and one lot at the same time, the project necessitated creating three drawing packages per structure. A site preparation set was needed to enable Webcor to rapidly begin working at each site. Because each city elected to contribute to site enhancements, a second set that included site enhancement was created by working directly with the City along each line. The third set, for the Authority, was for the parking structures themselves. 

Image for Metro L Line (Gold) Monrovia Station Parking Structure

Situated next to the historic Santa Fe Rail Depot, which a private developer plans to redevelop as part of the Station Square Transit Village development, the three level, 117,000 square foot parking structure serving the Monrovia Station houses 344 stalls. The structure’s façade features awnings that echo those found on the station platform, an enhancement funded by the City. 

The architectural design utilizes a color pallet and textures specifically selected for the City and responds to the specific site, context, needs of the station and character of the City. To create continuity between it and the other sites, the team utilized similar elevator towers and awnings, as well as the incorporation of public art at each station. For the Monrovia station, the artist created ceramic tiles molded from existing tile at the Santa Fe Depot and glass bricks that create the illusion of water rippling from a rock feature near the entrance to the platform ramp. 

Image for Metro L Line (Gold) Monrovia Station Parking Structure

To encourage multimodal transit, ample bicycle lockers were incorporated into the design. In addition to sustainable Parking Best Practices and careful concern for security, the design team used materials and finishes that reduce maintenance costs, such as graffiti resistant paint and stainless steel signage and hand rails. 

According to a LA Metro survey taken shortly after the line opened, more than 70 percent of riders on the new segment are new to Metro and about 66 percent of those same riders said they no longer drive to work. 

Project Details

  • Owner: LA Metro
  • Client: Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority
  • Contractor: Webcor Builders
  • Project Status: Line Opened March 2016, Parking Structure completed Nov. 2015
  • Parking Stalls: 344
  • Levels: 3 full levels, partial 4th
  • Total Sq Ft: 117,000
  • Sq Ft per Stall: 339