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The Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) project  was a key component of John Wayne Airport's (JWA) Airport Improvement Program that included a new terminal and new parking structure. PARCS represented improved customer service by implementing new technology and equipment that greatly sped up credit card processing for the collection of parking fees. In addition, PARCS enables the airport to electronically communicate to passengers how many parking spaces are available and at which locations.

Image for John Wayne Airport  Parking Revenue and Access Control Systems (PARCS)

Previously, parking access and revenue control was provided by a 15+ year old system that limited the Airport's ability to provide real-time parking data, financial reports and space management. The new system enhanced JWA’s ability to efficiently manage its parking supply and operation. It also increased the Airport's ability to provide service for its customers and its capability to track both parking usage and revenue. The PARCS project replaced the previous parking control systems in existing parking lots and structures and was installed in the new Parking Structure C.

Some of the features include:

Pay-on-Foot Stations: Kiosks offering prepayment of parking fees prior to returning to one’s vehicle were installed in Parking Structure C. This system allows passengers to utilize the parking ticket or credit card they used upon entry to pay parking fees and exit the parking structure without waiting for a cashier.

Express Exit Lanes: Passengers paying by credit card or with prepaid pay-on-foot transactions use an express exit through these unattended and dedicated lanes.

Ticketless Options: When exiting a parking facility, passengers have the opportunity to exit without the assistance of a cashier by simply swiping the same credit card they used upon entering. This ticketless method eliminates having to keep track of a parking ticket while away on travel, reduces wait time at exit, and eliminates waste from disposal of the paper parking ticket.

Image for John Wayne Airport  Parking Revenue and Access Control Systems (PARCS)

Parking Space Count System: Allows passengers to see how many spaces are available on each level as they enter the parking facility. Sensors in Airport roadways allow for the new system to count vehicles entering and exiting facilities. Individual sensors located in ADA and short-term (2-hour) spaces provide the exact count of these spaces to be displayed on roadway signage. The space count system also informs passengers on the roadway if the lot is full. Accuracy of the system is increased through the use of ultrasonic vehicle detection and daily physical reconciliation of counts displayed.

Real-Time Parking Data: The new PARCS system was integrated with the Airport website, allowing passengers to view parking availability online and via mobile devices. 

Project Details

  • Owner: John Wayne Airport
  • Project Status: Completed 2012