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UC Riverside Big Springs Parking Structure 2 Sets Sustainability Standard

Image for UC Riverside Big Springs Parking Structure 2 Sets Sustainability Standard UC Riverside Big Springs Parking Structure 2, photo by Pablo Mason

Prominently located at the east end of campus, the Big Springs Parking Structure 2 was designed to address the needs of the ever-growing university. To meet the University’s sustainability goals and California’s green building program standards, the design-build team used the Parksmart Certification Program as a guide to design and construct the 1,080-stall parking structure. The goal was to reach Silver certification, however the project ultimately exceeded expectations and was awarded Parksmart Gold.

To support the University of California’s commitment to reducing resource usage and greenhouse gas emissions, the ground floor contains a total of 105 EV charging spaces, including 93 Level I and 12 Level II charging ports. A parking guidance system indicates the number of open spaces on each level, which reduces emissions by helping users quickly find an open space. Efficient LED lighting technology reduces energy demands while still providing sufficient illumination within the structure.

Bicycle parking provided inside the parking structure via mechanical lifts and along the pedestrian path allows for safe storage of bicycles. A bicycle maintenance station and air pump are available to cyclists, promoting alternative transportation throughout campus. The parking structure also participates in a recycling program with recycling bins located on each level throughout the facility.

The east side of the parking structure features a greenscreen façade to provide additional shading for parked cars. Drought-tolerant landscaping utilizes native vegetation and meets LEED-Outdoor Water Use Reduction requirements. Bio retention basins at the perimeter of the building and site parking lot islands manage 85% of rainwater runoff. An erosion and sedimentation control plan meets the requirements for the U.S. EPA Construction General Permit. As part of UC Riverside’s commitment to a zero-carbon footprint goal, the roof of the structure can facilitate the installation of PV solar panels.

Sustainable construction methods and materials also contributed to Gold certification. All materials and labor were sourced within 300 miles of the project site. Non or low VOC coatings, paints and sealants were used, which reduced air contamination throughout the parking structure. The parking structure also participates in sustainable purchasing programs such as Green Spend and Economically and Socially Responsible spend, and follows the University’s guidelines for sustainable practices that includes clean energy, waste reduction, transportation and sustainable operations.

In addition to Parksmart Gold certification, Big Springs Parking Structure 2 also received the International Parking & Mobility Institute Award of Excellence for Sustainability.