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2019 SCUP Southern Regional Conference

Atlanta, GA

Image of 2019 SCUP Southern Regional Conference

Parking has long been one of the biggest challenges faced by college campuses. Developing a plan to integrate parking can enhance the campus experience, minimize traffic congestion, avoid modal conflicts and promote alternative transportation such as mass transit and ridesharing. We hope to see you in Atlanta at the SCUP Southern Regional Conference on October 6-8 to discuss how we have developed parking solutions for higher education campuses. 

Take a look at how we have designed parking to support campus housing at Cal Poly and Stanford University, enhanced the user experience through parking guidance systems at UC San Diego, created an architectural statement at American River College, and conducted parking studies to maximize resources at the South Orange County Community College District

About the Author

Michael Nielson has over 25 years of experience in architecture and is licensed in two states. A proven project leader, Michael has extensive experience building strong client relationships and working with them to achieve project goals. He has successfully delivered over 50 projects to satisfied clients, including the San Diego Airport Terminal 2 Parking Plaza and the UC San Diego Osler Parking Structure & Visitor’s Center.

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