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2019 SCUP Annual Conference

Seattle, Washington

Image of 2019 SCUP Annual Conference The UC San Diego Osler Parking Structure & Visitor's Center

Parking is the first and last experience people have on a campus, serving as an introductory point for a user to become a pedestrian on a campus to get to their final destination. Many campuses have seized the opportunity to design parking that makes a statement: be it a gateway to the campus, an expression of identity or a platform to enhance connectivity.

Just this past fall, the University of San Diego opened the Osler parking structure, which was designed to enrich the campus experience. See how this campus utilized architecture, technology and a re-imagined Visitor's Center to create a new front door to campus.

We hope that we will see you at the SCUP 2019 Annual Conference, July 14-16, in Seattle to discuss this and other parking topics!

About the Author

Michael Nielson has over 25 years of experience in architecture and is licensed in two states. A proven project leader, Michael has extensive experience building strong client relationships and working with them to achieve project goals. He has successfully delivered over 50 projects to satisfied clients, including the San Diego Airport Terminal 2 Parking Plaza and the UC San Diego Osler Parking Structure & Visitor’s Center.

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