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2021 NPA Annual Conference

Las Vegas

Image of 2021 NPA Annual Conference

NPA's Annual Convention and Expo is back and in person, and we can't wait to see you in Las Vegas, Sept 27-29! We look forward to discussing the continuing evolution of mobility, sharing ideas, championing innovation and inspiring each other to new heights.

Are you looking for expert help with your parking project? David LoCoco, Chair of the Automated Committee for the NPA Parking Consultants Council (PCC) will be participating in the event's 1-to-1 consulting session. 

Register to have your parking master plan, transportation plan, or RFP reviewed by an expert member of the PCC. David can help you vet your plans, test your assumptions, and confirm that you are on the right track.

Eager to get started? Our parking experts are happy to talk with you about your parking needs anytime.

About the Author

Tapping over 40 years of experience and a deep passion for parking, David is responsible for the design of over 400 parking projects for the firm ranging from complex podium parking solutions with towers above to stand-alone office campus or mixed-use solutions. He has contributed to the new edition of The Dimensions of Parking and has both written and spoken on designing efficient parking, parking automation and parking technologies.

As Chair of the Parking Consultant's Council Automated Committee, David is a recognized expert in automated parking solutions and leads Watry Design's automated parking projects. From mechanical parking solutions to semi and fully automatic systems, he investigates the latest and best innovations the industry has to offer and applies them to his clients' projects.

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