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Parking Magazine: Greener Parking:​ The Tustin Metrolink Station Parking Structure

Original Source:  "Greener Parking:​ The Tustin Metrolink Station Parking Structure" by Matt Davis, for Parking Magazine, March 2014

Southern California freeways are some of the busiest and most congested in the world. The Orange County Transit Authority wanted to increase the capacity for commuters to utilize the Tustin Metrolink station to serve as an alternative. To do so, the station needed additional parking at their space constrained, multi-modal hub. In addition to the aesthetics of the structure, sustainability was mission critical to the project.

In addition to achieving a net increase of 508 parking stalls, the project architect and engineer Watry Design, Inc. enhanced and expanded the transfer location for the buses, GO Local shuttles and vehicular drop offs.

The final design includes a 5-level parking structure with a number of sustainable features, such as LED light fixtures with motion sensors, which allow the lights to dim to 25% power until a user approaches. These features ensure energy efficiency while a photovoltaic array on the top deck generates 85% of the facility’s energy needs. A stall counting system with dynamic signage leads to reduced vehicle idling times and less carbon emissions. Five electric vehicle charging stations support additional sustainable transportation options and drought tolerant landscaping ensures efficient use of water. Beyond the facilities design, special emphasis was placed on an accelerated design and construction schedule, as well as other best practices. For example, the existing light poles on site were removed, refurbished and reused with new light fixtures. As a result, 90% of construction waste was recycled or reused.

Matt Davis is a Senior Project Manager for Watry Design, Inc. He can be reached at

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About the Author

Matt Davis has been creating parking solutions for over 20 years. He has worked on over 125 parking projects and is a certified Parksmart Advisor. In addition to delivering projects to satisfied clients, Matt’s projects, such as the Tustin Metrolink Station Parking Structure and UC San Diego Osler Parking Structure and Visitor's Center, have received recognition from the International Parking Institute and other associations. An active participant in the International Parking & Mobility Institute and the Pacific Intermountain Parking & Transportation Association, Matt has penned and spoken on a number of industry topics, such as Healthcare Parking as the First Line of Customer Service, Green Parking, Transit Parking Best Practices, the Future of Parking, Protecting Your Parking Investment and Right Sizing Parking.

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