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2022 CCFC Annual Conference: Understanding Today's Community College Parking Needs

Sacramento, California

Image of 2022 CCFC Annual Conference: Understanding Today's Community College Parking Needs

Although the temperature was in the triple digits, it was so refreshing to attend the 2022 Community College Facility Coalition event in person. As I networked with fellow attendees, I found they shared my sentiment. Along with feeling reinvigorated, I was struck by how much parking is changing on community college campuses.

As one panel on student housing discussed the new operational and security challenges they now face, I began to contemplate the implications involved in making the transition to providing 24/7 parking. 

This same panel touched on other challenges including those associated with campus densification and I couldn’t help thinking that since many new buildings are sited on parking lots, when should the trigger be pulled on structured parking? This thread was then tempered by enrollment levels and the decreased visits to campuses brought about by virtual learning.

At about this point in the panel’s presentation, one speaker mentioned “we could spend a whole session talking about parking.” I hope you will stay tuned as we explore college parking challenges and how they are effectively being addressed.

About the Author

As an Associate Principal, Anita leverages over 15 years of experience in the engineering of parking structures to coordinate with clients, consultants and contractors throughout all design and construction phases of the project. Anita has extensive training in structural engineering, including award-winning projects such as the San Jose State University South Campus Multi-Level Parking Structure & Sports Field Facility.

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