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Watry Design, Inc. is looking for just the right individuals to join our highly skilled team of architects, engineers and parking planners.

Are you interested in forging new territory? Our firm is doing just that.

From designing parking solutions for top tech and entertainment companies to incorporating the industry's latest automated parking solutions, Watry Design is constantly innovating. Using a unique, collaborative process developed over the firm’s 45 plus year legacy, we have completed over 1,900 parking projects. This approach and the Watry Design Team’s passion for parking have not only earned many prestigious awards, but more importantly have led to satisfied clients. Check out the diverse clients you could be working with. Remember “It’s not the journey... It’s the parking!”

Current Job Openings

Why Watry?

Since the successful transition of our firm to its second generation, Watry Design, Inc. has enjoyed record growth. To support expansion, the firm has not only developed clear career paths, training programs and employee incentives for our architects, engineers and parking consultants, but have also promoted the firm’s best and brightest to positions at all echelons of the company. The benefits of Watry Design’s company culture don’t stop there. Our firm is firmly committed to fostering respect for our employees in a family-like environment. This begins with ensuring our employees receive competitive compensation and extends to a number of benefits that strongly encourage their professional, physical and personal well-being. Our philosophy of putting our people first has resulted in incredible retention: Watry Design employees have an average longevity of twelve years with the firm.

Email if you are interested in joining the Watry Design family.

Competitive Salaries & Paid Overtime

Watry Design continuously monitors salary surveys and checks with other firms in our field and geographic area to ensure that our salaries remain competitive.

Bonus & 401K Plan

Watry Design is committed to being a highly profitable firm focused on strong growth and rewarding its employees who make this possible. Our team’s compensation package include a performance bonus based on the firm’s performance and the individual’s contribution to the firm. Watry Design’s 401k plan offers a Deferred Compensation option that employees use to directly contribute, as well as a discretionary option that the firm can use to distribute pretax dollars to employees for profit sharing.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Watry Design, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, providing equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, national origin, medical condition, disability, or genetics.