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Thoughts on the 2019 P3 Higher Education Summit

Image of Thoughts on the 2019 P3 Higher Education Summit

Did you know that 37 states have legislation in place to facilitate Public Private Partnerships (P3)? In recognition of P3s growing popularity, approximately 1,000 people came to San Diego October 24-25, 2019, to deepen their understanding of how this alternative delivery method can benefit higher education.

In an exploration of the “State of the P3 Higher Education Market,” a panel of experts moderated by Jeff Turner, Executive Vice President, Brailsford & Dunlavey, discussed how and where P3s are being utilized most successfully on college campuses. The panel also shared that while P3 delivery is occurring coast to coast, different trends in project size and frequency exist between the east and west coast.

San Jose State University Vice President of Student Affairs Patrick Day provided his insight on how designers and developers can create successful relationships with university stakeholders. He urged listeners to take the time to learn educator’s language in order to understand their needs and strengthen communication.

As higher education explores ways to adapt their campuses to the needs of current and future generations, we look forward to discovering new ways that P3 delivery can help accomplish their mission.

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Michael Pendergrass, AIA, a licensed architect in 8 states, has over 15 years of experience in delivering parking solutions and over 20 in the industry. He has worked on a wide variety of parking projects. In addition to delivering projects to satisfied clients, Michael’s projects have received recognition from the International Parking & Mobility Institute and other organizations. 

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